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3 new Ambrosia Salads and a Bacon Ranch Potato Salad this month.
June 23, 2007
Issue #005
June 2007

This Month...

2-Website News
3-Latest Recipes
4-Web Resources
5-Our Store
6-Till Next Month



Welcome to the fifth edition of the The Salad Bar, a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on the website: Easy Salad

My name is Gord Angrignon and I am CEO of the Easy Salad Recipes website. I'm also the cook and the dishwasher. I hope you enjoy this newsletter and find an easy salad recipe to your liking.

Here's what's new this month...

2-Website News:

This month's summer salad lineup starts with a new Fruit Salad section. Here you will find some suggestions for a simple multi-fruit salad as well as recipes for some others such as this months feature salad: Ambrosia Salad.

There is also a new recipe in the Potato Salad section: Bacon Ranch Potato Salad.

3-Latest Recipes:

3 of this month's newest recipes are from the new Fruit Salad section. A simple fruit salad doesn't really require a recipe although I have suggested some ideas to consider for making one Here.

There are some new recipes for making Ambrosia Salads though, as this fruit salad requires some specific ingredients. Here they are...

Ambrosia Salad

These two versions of the basic ambrosia salad recipe have marshmallows and 1 can of fruit added to the base ingredients. For the dressings I used sour cream for one and fat free yogurt for the other.

I found that while the sour cream held the salad together better than the thinner yogurt, refrigerating the yogurt version for a couple of hours achieved the same result. See pictures Here

1-Sour Cream Version


1 can mandarin oranges, drained
1 can pineapple chunks, drained
1 cup miniature marshmallows
1 cup flaked coconut
1 cup sour cream

2-Fat Free Yogurt Version


1 can mandarin oranges, drained
1 can fruit cocktail, drained
1 cup miniature marshmallows
1 cup flaked coconut
1 cup fat-free yogurt

Directions for versions 1 & 2:

Gently mix together all ingredients. The sour cream version can be immediately put into serving bowls as it will be firm enough when made. The yogurt version might be a little runny so you may want to refrigerate it for a couple of hours first.

3-Instant Jello Version


1 cup dairy style dressing-sour cream, yogurt etc.
1 pkg. orange jello mix
1 can mandarin oranges(drained) or 1 cup fresh orange chunks(drain excess juice)
1 cup flaked coconut
1 cup mini marshmallows
Add any other fruit you like

Directions for Jello Version:

Make jello according to directions and cool until partially set. Add dressing and mix with a hand blender or whisk. Add remaining ingredients and gently mix. Cool in refrigerator until ready to serve. This very large salad should be eaten within 2 days of being made as the jello will break down over time and pockets of water will form in the bottom of the bowl.

For pictures of these 3 salads and more ingredient options Click Here

To see the newest Potato Salad Recipe Click Here.

4-Web Resources:

Have you ever wanted to Build a Website? Do you have a skill, knowledge, hobby or interest that you could share with the world-and maybe even get paid for it?

If so, Site Build It! might be the answer. In a nutshell they take care of all the technical stuff so you can concentrate on your topic. It worked for me, a total "non-techie one finger typer", and my site is one of many Successful "Site Build It!" Sites.

5-Our Store:

For your salad-making needs visit the Easy Salad Store. Here you will find cookbooks about salad, vegetables, ethnic foods, vegetarian, vegan and kid's recipes. There are also some dealing with growing vegetables and herbs.

You will also find a large Housewares section featuring things like salad bowls, knives, food processors and more.

The other departments are Various Gadgets, featuring some interesting and handy items, Organic Products, with edible seeds, spices and other natural products and Salad Art, featuring some nice prints with a salad theme.

**This Month**: I am continuing to cut prices of all our Gardening Books by 10 percent. There is a good selection of growing guides here including Growing Fruits & Vegetables, and Growing Herbs.

If you would like to go to the store now, Click Here.

6-Till Next Month:

Next month will feature an interesting fruit salad made with pasta. It's similar to this month's Ambrosia Salad...Can you guess what it is?

Also coming up will be 1 or 2 carrot salads, and something with spinach.

I would be happy to hear any feedback you may have-good or bad, just use the reply button on your e-mail browser or go to the Contact Me page on the site.

Thank-you for reading this newsletter and see you next month...

Gordon Angrignon.

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