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One cold winter night about 15 years ago I had hitched a ride on a boat heading south to Port Hardy, BC after several weeks of diving for sea urchins.

As we were plowing through the waves crossing Queen Charlotte Sound that evening the cook had prepared a meal which included an interesting salad.

The salad he made that evening was a simple pea salad. I had never heard of such a thing but the simplicity of it blew me away.

He took a can of peas, drained the water, added it to a bowl with some sliced onion, garlic and a little mayonnaise. Simple yet elegant.

I didn't know it at the time but this little pea salad would eventually become part of a new entreprenurial project over a decade later involving something called the internet.

Let me explain...

First, A Little History:

Snowy day diving.

My working background is not in the food service industry but more in the Food Hunting Industry.

Since 1990 I have been a Fisherman/Seafood Diver involved in the harvest of sea urchins on Canada's west coast for export to Japan.

These shellfish have a unique tasting roe which is used in various Japanese dishes, mostly served raw as sushi. 

Time For A Change...

After 18 years of this kind of life I started to look for something else to do that still offered me an income without having to show up at a "real job" every day. The internet seemed interesting so I decided to give it a look.

I tried a few different things like Online Surveys and other "Easy Money" schemes of which there are thousands. Somebody made money all right but it sure wasn't me!

What I found in among all the "Get Rich Quick" hype was a way to start a real business simply by creating a website about something I know how to do.

This is called being an info-preneur, providing your visitor with good informative content about a topic and helping him/her to achieve or find what they are looking for.

Money is made in various ways for this kind of website, such as using textual advertising like Google's Adsense.

Finding a good topic to write about is not the easiest thing to do. Not too many people go to the internet looking for ways to harvest sea urchins, so I had to look to other skills I had aquired over the years. 

What to Write About?...

To find a topic to write about you have to look to your life experiences. You can write about your profession, hobby, favorite places, something you are passionate about, or something you do every day that may be of interest to others.

When cooking came to mind I thought about that little pea salad I had learned to make years ago, and all the different ways I had made it since then.

After a little research I found that there was a definite demand for salad recipes on the internet, so I bought an all-in one website package and started making salads, lots of salads.

This opened up a whole new world for me. The website package I used (called Site Build It!) not only made it possible to put up a website but also provided me with all the tools and training to build a successful business. Much of what is done to get your site up and running is done by Site Build It(SBI) for you so you can just concentrate on your topic and get on with creating content for your visitors.

If a technically challenged bubble blower like myself can do it it's a safe bet that almost anyone who can turn on a computer can be successful at this. All it takes is a little hard work and a willingness to learn the process.

My little website isn't very fancy or flashy but it has been bringing in a steady income for the past 5 years. It's a great little project that keeps me busy during the off-season and those long days at sea when we're unable to fish because of bad weather.

The success of this site thanks to Site Build It! has inspired me to start another one in the future. My real passion istravel so that is where I will be looking for my next .com adventure. 

For more information on Site Build It! with Free e-books, Tools & More follow this link to my Site Build It! Review Page.. 

Questions or Comments...?

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about salads or the making of this site. I welcome your comments and opinions as well. Feedback of any kind is always helpful in making your visit to this site worthwile. You can follow the link below to my contact form.

Thank-you for visiting...Gordon Angrignon.

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