Chef Salad Recipes

"I like my chef salad recipes to have lots of ham, cheese and eggs."

This recipe is basically a mixed veggy salad with cheese and meat added to the mix, usually turkey and ham. It can be quite a filling meal by itself.

Here is the basic recipe:

*Salad greens(about 6 cups or a 10 oz.bag of mixed)

*1-2 sliced tomatoes

*1 sliced cucumber

*2 sliced celery stalks

*Turkey-sliced or cubed

*Ham-sliced or cubed

*Cheese-slice or shredded

*2-boiled eggs-peeled and sliced 

You can substitute these ingredients with the following:

1. Turkey: Chicken, canned chicken, any deli-styled meat.

2. Ham: Bacon, bacon bits, pork, any deli-styled meat.

3.Cheese: Any kind at all, from mild to extra strong.

You may want to add olives as well, and maybe a few peppers. Add any dressing you prefer. 

Here's a chef salad  I made with a few substitutions from the basic recipe... 
First I used iceberg lettuce-notice that I peeled the leaves off rather than cutting them. Cutting will cause the leaves to brown at the cut edges. 

Wash the lettuce in a bowl of water or under cold running water. 

Gently dry them in a clean dish towel or a salad spinner. When using a spinner be careful how much lettuce you put in it. Too much will not dry properly. If you want to avoid this step you can always buy a bag of pre-washed salad greens. 

The ingredients I used are as follows:

iceberg lettuce
purple onion
orange and yellow peppers
aged white cheddar
bbq chicken breast-cubed
bbq roast pork-cubed
2 hard-boiled eggs 

I put all the ingredients in the bowl and gently tossed the mix. I then peeled and sliced the 2 boiled eggs and laid the slices on top of the salad. This chef salad is now ready for your favorite dressing. 

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