Creamy Pasta Salad Recipes

"2 of my favorite creamy pasta salad recipes using bottled salad dressing for one and and mayonnaise for the other." 

For the first salad I used a 3-cheese ranch dressing. For the second one I just used plain mayonnaise.  

The first salad is for all you cheese lovers out there.  The dressing is a bottled 3 cheese ranch, but you can use regular ranch and just grate some cheese on it in a pinch.

The second salad has a nice mix of dill, lemon juice and mayonnaise that blends well with the canned salmon, or fresh cooked salmon if you have any.

This is a great salad to make if you have some leftover salmon from a previous meal as well. 

Cheesy Pasta Salad


6 oz. mixed pasta noodles
1 carrot-sliced
1/3 long english cucumber,sliced and quartered
4-6 cherry tomatoes, halved
1/4 yellow pepper, chopped
1/4 cup parmesan cheese


3-cheese ranch dressing, to taste
salt and pepper if desired, to taste.

cheesy pasta salad with cherry tomatoes

Cook noodles about 6-9 minutes until desired tenderness is achieved. Drain and rinse in cold water, and let cool.

When noodles are cool, add vegetables and parmesan cheese to salad and gently mix.

Add dressing a little at a time, gently mixing until desired consistency is achieved.

Cool for 2 hours before serving 

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Creamy Dilled Salmon Pasta Salad


6 oz. pasta noodles
1 can salmon
2 slices purple onion
1/2 long english cucumber-sliced and diced
1/2 bell pepper, any colour-chopped
2 tbsp. dried dill weed
Salt & pepper to taste


1 cup mayonnaise
2-3 tbsp. lemon juice

Dilled pasta salmon salad with creamy dressing

Boil noodles for 6-9 minutes. Drain,rinse and cool.

Add all other ingredients and gently mix.

Mayonnaise can be blended with yogurt or sour cream, or it can be excluded altogether and substituted with one or the other.

Lemon juice can be substituted with flavoured wine vinegar or lime juice. 

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