Green Salad Recipes

"Some basic tips for green salad recipes including washing and drying your greens."

When making green salads you have a choice of just using leaf lettuces or making a mixed veggy and lettuce salad.

We'll start with the leaf lettuce variety first.

There are many types of greens to choose from. I like to get a few different ones from the produce department and mix them up a bit. You can also buy pre-mixed salad greens.

Having chosen your variety of greens,you should pick out any broken or damaged leaves, and break them up into slightly larger than bite size pieces.

Gently wash your greens in a bowl of water, and dry them on a dishtowel or use a salad spinner. If you bought a bag of pre-washed greens you can skip this step.

Make sure the leaves are cool and dry, as you don't want to dilute your dressing. Put the salad in a bowl and wait until you are ready to eat before adding the dressing,as it will wilt otherwise.

As for dressing, a little oil and vinegar and salt to taste is all you need for a tasty, basic little salad. A flavoured vinegar is also nice, such as raspberry or garlic. I usually mix 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. A touch of salt sharpens up the flavour a bit as well.

There you have it, a simple green salad.

Simple green salad made with a pre-mixed bag of greens and an oil/vinegar dressing.

As for the mixed veggy and lettuce variety of salad there is no limit to what you can add.Here's a few ideas...

Onions(red,green,sweet etc.)

red cabbage
mini corn

I'm sure there's others that would be suitable as well. I usually just go through my fridge and grab whatever looks good. How's that for a recipe? 

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