Seafood Pasta Salad

This seafood pasta salad takes a little work but it definitely is worth it.  The dish is made from a mix of frozen seafood which is cooked after being partially thawed,  making its own simmering sauce which doubles as a dressing base.


Any mix of seafood will work for this recipe. A bag of frozen mixed seafood from your local supermarket works well.

If you can't find a bag of mixed, you can hopefully find some frozen single type such as scallop, shrimp, squid etc.

If you would rather not buy frozen and have access to fresh, just make a fresh seafood pasta salad instead. 

Seafood Pasta Salad

seafood pasta salad made with frozen mixed shellfish


8 0z. pasta shells-any kind
1 340 gram bag of frozen mixed seafood
1 bell pepper, any colour
4 green onions
1 small can(200 ml) sliced olives
1 small clove of garlic
fresh ginger root
Parmesan cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste


Olive oil (if you don't have olive oil use any other salad oil you have handy)
Sesame oil(if you don't have it-don't worry)
Sushi(rice) vinegar or some wine.
Lemon juice

* Cook pasta for about 10 minutes until el dente(cooked but firm). Drain into a colander and rinse with cold water. Leave colander in the sink for a while and chop up vegetables while it cools.

* Chop vegetables and put them in a large bowl or pot. Peel the garlic and mince on a grater. Mince a small amount of ginger root in the same way. Add to bowl.

* Drain water from can of olives and add them to bowl.

* Add pasta to the large bowl and gently mix. Set aside.

* Remove frozen seafood from freezer, put in a colander and rinse with cold water.

* In a large pan add enough olive oil(or other salad oil) to cover cooking surface, and add a little droop more(I think droop is a word).

* Add a little sesame oil of you have it-about a tablespoon.

* Add about the same amount of sushi vinegar or wine.

* Cover pan and heat on medium temperature until oil is hot-please be careful.

* When oil is hot, add the slightly thawed seafood to the pan and cover. Raise heat slightly.

* Stir seafood every minute as it cooks and recover. There should be enough water from the thawing seafood to make a nice sauce to simmer the seafood until cooked. If not add a little water or wine. This process should take 3-5 minutes-remove from heat when cooked to avoid overcooking.

* Using a spatula, remove seafood immediately and set on top of salad. Let cool for a couple of minutes before mixing into salad.

* Add leftover liquid from pan to salad-this is your dressing base.

* Add about 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice, salt & pepper and parmesan to taste.

* If desired, you can add a little mayonnaise to enhance the flavour and consistency.

* Move salad to a smaller bowl, cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving

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