My Site Build It! Review
Part 2-More Details...

People are always surprised when I tell them I have a recipe website.

They are even more surprised to learn I earn a steady income from it every month, making it possible for me to pursue traveling and other activities during my time off fishing.

This usually generates some interest and lots of questions.

The first question I'm usually asked is: 

Are You Selling Salads?

The answer of course is no, all the recipes on this site are free. My income comes from the various advertising links throughout the site. This is one of many ways to generate income on the net, the benefit of this one being that there is no dealing with inventory or selling anything.

I will talk more about this later, because before you can start making money you have to have a site that has good content and gets found on the internet.

To do this I purchased an amazing product called "Site Build It!" 

What is "Site Build It!"?

Site Build It (SBI) is an all in one website building package available from

The package includes not only the tools to get your site up and running but a whole"online university" of information on how to turn your website into a profitable business.

You get more than just a "site builder." You don't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating autoresponders, etc., etc.

SBI! removes the technical barriers allowing you to keep your attention on building your business. Many functions are completely automated. You don't need to know anything upfront about building a Web site in order to succeed. The tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff is handled automatically so you can focus on other important business-building activities.

Yes, there are easier ways to build a Web site. However, online profits require more than just having a collection of Web pages. Site Build It! includes all the tools and a proven process required to build a long-term, profitable e-business.

What Makes "Site Build It!" Sites
so successful?

The success of Site Build It! sites is based on a simple but effective model called 

 C. T. P.M.

This stands for Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize. This formula applies to websites in this way:

Create Good Content-Relevant, sought out information about something you know.

Attract Targeted Traffic-interested visitors to your site looking for your specific content.

Presell Your Visitors-Gain trust and confidence from your visitors by giving them what they want and more. By this I mean give them all you can give. They have come to you for a reason-don't disappoint them.

Monetize Your Presold Visitors into Income-After you create good Content for your Targeted Traffic who have come to Trust You because you Overdelivered what they were looking for.

Sound Easy? Well maybe not yet, but with the help of Site Build It! you can make it happen! 

Who Uses Site Build It?

The question should be Who Doesn't?

Site Build It! is used by people from all walks of life. People like this young girl's work-at-home mom have found success with SBI:

This SBI'er from Israel started out with one site and now owns 5: 

These people have really made the most out of the tools offered by Site Build It! and with a desire to succeed and hard work they have built successful online businesses.

Some More Website Businesses Examples Are:

Small Businesses

Merchants Selling Hard Goods

Service Sellers


Stay at Home Moms




How Do I Get Started? has 2 ways for you to view how Site Build It! works:

1-The Quick Tour Slide Show takes you on a condensed speed tour of the SBI process. If you want a quick visual overview of the SBI process this tour is available Here.

2-The SBI Video Tour takes about 30 minutes and explains SBI in more detail. It focuses on the C.T.P.M. process Sitesell is famous for, and demonstrates how easy the different tools such as Brainstormer and the Block-By Block site building system are to use. I highly reccomend this tour as it answers many questions before they are asked. You can take this tour Here.

Is it Hard? I don't know much about computers.

It's hard to believe that not long ago I had no idea how to use a computer and could barely type. Another benefit of using Site Build It! for me has been the enhancement of skills such as these, and navigating on the internet. It's a constant learning experience and it's never too late to start.

Most people (including myself) usually get stuck somewhere along the path as there is a lot to learn when starting out with SBI. Sometimes the amount of information you are exposed to can be very overwhelming and you may find yourself unsure of what task to take on next. Fortunately you have help...lots of it!

Essentially you receive support from 4 sources:

1-The SBI! Action Guide... The textbook of SBI! is always there to refer to when in doubt.

2-Site Central... Mission Control of your website. Here you have all the tools for sitebuilding you will need, including help tutorials and free literature like the Masters Courses.

3-Sitesell Support... The experts behind the scenes provide excellent technical support and advice.

4-The SBI Forums... A wealth of information where SBIers help each other. The amount of support here is invaluable. This community of people from all walks of life are here to help and be helped. I have spent many hours just reading the posts as finding an answer to your question can lead to not just simple answers but thought provoking discussions.

While I'm on the subject of other SBIers there have been some Case Studies made of different types of SBI websites and the people behind them. These studies are very informative and inspiring. You can read them Here.

More successful SBI sites can be viewed Here.

I have been very successful with Site Build It! and am amazed at how it evolves with the rest of the world-wide web. New developments are always in the works at SBI and are added at no extra cost to the customer. The team at is there behind the scenes to help you with problems, and to take care of all of the technical stuff so you don't have to. 

How Will My Website Make Money?

For my site I use contextual advertising from 3 different companies. These are text ads in and around the content of my page. The main earner though are the ads from Google's Adsense. These ads are based on the content of your webpage and you get paid a percentage of the revenue the advertiser pays Google for each click.

For more information on using Adsense with SBI Click Here. 

There are many more ways to make money on the internet. Unfortunately there are lots of snake-oil salesmen out there flogging the latest get-rich-quick schemes to good people who are looking to the web for financial opportunities.

The truth is if you want to make money on the internet it takes Hard Work just like any other business. knows this and offers a variety of Free Masters Courses covering many tried and true methods for being successful on the web. These Books all have a similar theme based on Sitesell's C.T.P.M. model. This really gives you an insight into how theContent-Traffic-Presell-Monetize system can be applied to all types of online buisinesses.

These e-books are free and downloadable here:

You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read these ebooks. You can get Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

If you want to open the file in your browser window, just click on the link. However, if you want to download the file to view later, then right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As." Then select where you want to save the file on your hard drive.

Once you have saved the file, locate where you saved it, and double click to open.

In order to print, open the downloaded file, and select the "Print" option from the ebook menu. 

WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course . A 3-book-course for Work-At-Home Moms(WHAMs) to learn how to build a business on the net. This course comes in 3 parts:

---1)"WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course" provides all the how-to information you need to successfully build a real business on the Net. Read this book first. Download Here

---2)"Case Studies" shares the inspiring stories of real-life SBI! WAHMs and their Websites. Download Here

---3)"Get Organized to Work at Home" offers tips on managing your household and family successfully while you work. Download Here 

The Affiliate Masters Course . Probably the best book you will read about affiliate marketing. Download Here or
Click Here for More Info... 

The Netwriting Masters Course . A must-read book for anybody who wants to write effectively online.
Download Here or Click Here for More Info... 

The Service Sellers Masters Course . Do you have a service or expertise you can sell? This book shows you how to market it online.Download Here or 
Click Here for More Info... 

Make Your Price Sell! The Masters Course . A great guide to effective marketing skills and strategies written in an easily understandable format. Download Here or
Click Here for More Info... 

Make Your Net Auction Sell! The Masters Course . Want to make money on e-Bay? This book explains the online auction business from buying your first item to promoting, selling and keeping your customers happy. No "get-rich-secrets" here, just good advice and guidance. Download Here or Click Here for More Info... 

The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course . A business guide for webmasters who build websites for others. Download Here or Click Here for More Info... 

Looks Interesting, But I have some Questions...

If you have any questions about Site Build It! I would be happy to answer them. Just go to my Contact Me page Here.

As I am not always available and may not have the answer you are seeking you can also contact Sitesell by toll-free phone or e-mail from this page Here

How much does all this cost?

Less than 1 dollar a day!($299/year) How's that for a straight answer? Oh, and you get a 100% refund if you cancel within 90 days, pro-rated after that.

New This Year: SBI! is now available with a yearly or monthly payment option.

Have a look at this Comparison to get an idea of what SBI is really worth.

For the nitty gritty on the price and guarantees check out the SBI! Order Page

Special SiteSell Promotion

Too Busy To Build It Yourself?

Have a look at  SiteSell Services, a Do-It-For-Me package for people who have no time to build a website themselves. This is a great option for business owners who are looking to improve their already existing business.

For more info on SiteSell Services Click Here(make sure to click in the FAQ button at the top right corner of the page as well) 

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